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Humble Beginnings

of the original five Freedomites, each service having more attendees than the last. By October of that same year, both Friday night and Sunday morning services were held at full capacity in the homes of Freedomites and the church membership – still with no building – had grown to nearly two dozen Freedomites. Realizing that the growth of the ministry was quickly outgrowing seating constraints, the church began the search for a building. Within the month, a church building had been located and purchased in Bessemer, Alabama, and on November 30, 2014, The Freedom Center Church had its first service at its Miracle House Campus.

On August 15, 2014, Pastor Jeremy and Lady Polly Wallace with the five starting members met in a living room of a two-bedroom apartment in Birmingham, Alabama, in what would come to be known as Friday Night Focus. At the close of that meeting, they came together to pull resources to get the church incorporated and thus, The Freedom Center Church was born. As God’s vision for The Freedom Center Church was being performed, the church saw incredible and miraculous acceleration in the progression of the ministry. Over the next two months, Friday services were rotated between the three homes...

The vision of The Freedom Center Church is to provide this generation of Believers and nonbelievers with an opportunity to genuinely experience God in a personal way. Our mission is to provide a training ground for discipleship and to create a spiritual family for the edification and fortification of God’s people. We offer Bible-based teaching, ministry training, and sound apostolic doctrine that empowers and changes the lives of those who have an earnest desire for holiness and an intimate relationship with the Lord.


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