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Jeremy Wallace and Lady Polly Wallace 

With a ministry known for deliverance, healing, restoration, and prophetic awareness; predestined is the word to describe the call of Jeremy Wallace. Born on April 19th, He was raised in the admonition of the Lord by his parents Bishop E. D. Wallace, Sr. and Evangelist Gloria Wallace. While serving diligently as a ministerial and worship leader, at a young age the prophetic gift was very evident. Pastor Jeremy gave his initial sermon on April 13, 2003. God has been using him to teach, preach, and prophesy through numerous revivals, conferences, and meetings for over two decades.

Known for her soft but powerful words, Polly Wallace was born on October 25th, she was raised by the late Theresa Grimmett in Birmingham, AL. Serving in the kingdom since the age of 10 years old through teaching Sunday School, the Lord quickly propelled her in so many different facets of ministry. She has developed a heart for the kingdom that has brought light to a dark and lost generation. Lady Polly is a true gem! The gifts that the Lord has birth in her are nothing less than extraordinary. Her prophetic flow and gift of healing has brought restoration for the broken. 

Pastor Jeremy and Leading Lady Polly, have been married for the past 20 years. Together they have three daughters, Cortlyn, Raegyn, and Brynlee Wallace. Pastor Jeremy is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Freedom Center Church, Inc.

Our pastors Jeremy and Polly Wallace are spoken by many as a true example of a "power couple." With a mission to cultivate quality disciples for kingdom building, leading side by side they have captured the hearts of the people. Being a father/mother and business owners they not only build their sheep spiritually but also naturally. Their genuine love and life transparency has created a culture for true freedom.

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