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Thomas Andrews, Campus Maintenance Ministry Lead

Donovan White, The Squad Ministry Lead


Creative Arts & Visual Ministry, otherwise known as C.A.V., is dedicated to serving God and our local assembly through various forms of production and design. The C.A.V. Ministry encompasses: graphic design, video production, sound production, stage design, creative ideas, brainstorming, web design, social media and web maintenance.

Twanna Washington,

Creative Arts and Visual Ministry Lead

Jordan McDade,

Head of Information Technology


We are an evangelistic ministry pioneered by a group of Believers who have dedicated themselves to their local assembly and planted themselves firmly in the faith. The prime focus of our ministry is to bring those who are lost to the body of Christ through outreach and face-to-face witnessing.

Donovan White,

Witness Ministry Lead


Campus Maintenance and Operations

Our ministry is utilized for the beautification and edification of God's House. We hold our God-given facility in high regard and take pride in providing the utmost care in its advancement. One of our key priorities is striving toward the constant improvement and maintenance of God's House.

The Squad

The Squad provides security for the Freedomites and guests here at The Freedom Center's Miracle House campus. We secure the premises and personnel by patrolling the property and building. The Squad keeps watch for any suspicious behavior, vandalism, theft or other criminal behavior. The purpose of The Squad is to aid the church in maintaining excellent ministry conditions by keeping our facility safe.

Donovan White,

The Squad Ministry Lead


We are designed to promote fellowship, community enrichment, building and maintaining the house through giving. To accomplish this mission, the auxiliaries of Fill the Pantry, Heart to Heart, and Burn the Mortgage have been established.

We love to fellowship with one another here at The Freedom Center. Our monetary and food donations to Fill the Pantry make our gatherings possible.

Through Heart to Heart, we demonstrate our love for the community; and our giving helps us to assist families and individuals that have a need.

Briana McDade,

Heart for the House Ministry Lead


Freedom Ministry Technicians
Ministry Techs are a vital part of every service at The Freedom Center. We set the tone for worship service by greeting members and visitors into the sanctuary, sustaining an atmosphere conducive to deliverance and facilitating in prayer and intercession as altar workers.


iC.A.R.E. (Correspondence, Assistance, and Reception in Excellence) is responsible for corresponding with all guests and visitors. They assist with hospitality and receiving guests into our congregation and with connecting with the members of the congregation.

The Chefs of TFC

We work collectively to prepare high-quality gourmet meals for fellowship events and services at The Freedom Center. Our highly trained chefs have acquired an in-depth understanding of the importance of preparing food with love, precision, and in excellence.



Freedom Frontline

We generate a rich and intense worship experience within a heavy praise atmosphere. Worshipers are encouraged to be the offering as we invite God into the sanctuary. Freedom Frontline serves by displaying a sincere and endearing spirit of worship.

Chanelle Chandler,

The Sacred Arts Ministry Lead

The Freedom Chorale 

We are an aggregation of praisers whose love of God is on full display through the ministry of singing. The Freedom Chorale helps sustain the sound of celebration during Free Worship at The Freedom Center.

Jessica Kelley,

Freedom Chorale Choir Master

Freedom Band

The purpose of the Freedom Band is to have a unified sound that exalts God and uplifts the souls of His people. We endeavor to flow in the river or God’s anointing while providing a learning environment for His minstrels. We work with Freedom Frontline and Freedom Chorale to produce an atmosphere of praise and worship.

Jordan McDade,

Music Director

Freedom Dance Company

The essence of worship is captured through our expressive and creative dance. We understand that it is imperative to embrace prophetic dance. The ministry of dance holds great significance regarding welcoming God into the room. Dancers should be ready conduits to facilitate access to the presence of God.


As children of God, we have inherited the gift to speak those things “as though they were,” according to Romans 4:17. Whether His word comes forth tangled in rhymes or flows from our lips like lyrical sonnets, we must be prepared to receive with an inclined ear to hear. We are the communicators of the Word of God that is dispersed in a creative form. Spoken from the lips of God to our ears, iSpeak is the spoken word ministry of TFC.

TakeOne Drama

Our drama ministry provides encouraging, challenging, and strengthening portrayals of various life situations. We incorporate many different talents and gifts of people to bring our dramas to life through script development, scene building, wardrobe creation, and onstage performance. We illustrate an excitable approach to the gospel, motivating the young and uplifting the old.

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