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Freedom kids


There is something so extraordinary and refreshing about having a place you belong! Freedom Kids Camp is made of many parts and people – from writing projects, drama club and energetic songs to quiet reflections and tearful goodbyes and stories that shape the lives of campers and staff alike – but it’s the belonging that makes it magical.


The mission of Freedom Kids Camp is to create opportunities for children and youth in the Birmingham area through our summer program and mentoring, and all of our programs work to serve God, broaden the horizons of participants and staff. We look forward every year to new relationships and bonding experiences with our campers and staff. Freedom Kids Camp 2021 it only gets better!



Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Forms

One of the most exciting time of year for a kid is SUMMERTIME! It should be a time to remember! Freedom Kids Camp is eight amazing weeks for boys and girls that will make their summer days the greatest days of the year. Here’s what we’ve planned!

There are  eight weeks of day camp from 7:00AM-6:00PM Monday-Friday. Our camp is for campers ages 5-12, and they enjoy learning a lot as they have a great time.  They go home feeling that they’ve spent the day with good friends who really care about them as individuals as well as an important part of the group. It’s just the thing for kids enjoying their first camp experience, as well as for “seasoned pros” who have previously been to FK Camp. We’re planning everything carefully to make each week great. We expect most weeks to fill up, so plan on selecting your weeks soon so you won’t be disappointed by a full camp.


$135 Activity and Application fee

$75 per week 

$25 per day 

FK Camp T-shirts  


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